Strays Review

An abandoned Border Terrier seeks revenge against his cruel former owner. An R-rated retort to animal road movies like A Dog’s Purpose and Homeward Bound,

Barbie Review

For Barbie, every day is the best day. But when an existential crisis threatens her idyllic life, she and Ken travel to the real world

Heart of Stone Review

A skilled intelligence operative races to stop a hacker from stealing a powerful AI weapon. As Heart of Stone switches to an exotic new location

EO Review

A grey donkey roams the country after being freed from a Polish circus, experiencing the highs and lows of life through his unique perspective. Jerzy

Talk to Me Review

A group of friends unleash a terrifying supernatural force when they discover the thrills of using an embalmed hand to communicate with the dead. Swapping

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Never Change, William Friedkin

Unforgettable and uncompromising, William Friedkin lived the same way he made his movies. William Friedkin, legendary director of The Exorcist, The French Connection and Sorcerer, when asked about Al

Ranking The Major Batman Movies

From Burton to Reeves and everything in between, which big-screen Batman movie is the greatest? In 1989 Tim Burton changed the mainstream’s perception of Bob